Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

So today is Teacher Talk Tuesday over at I'm Blog Hopping! as part of Teacher Week 2011! 

Well today they say we should give some words of wisdom or advice to new teachers.......And I have a few tips to share but seeing as how I am only in year two I am looooooving clicking on everyone else's links to learn more myself!

So here are my tips:

1) HAVE FUN! In my mind this is the MOST important thing! If you are having fun your students will be having fun as well!

2) OVER PLAN! Keep printables, activities, etc in arms reach in case something comes up and you neeeed them!

3) Keep records....I had a super fun parent come back with questions, questions, questions, questions, questions and all I had to do was pull out my student binder. This binder holds my parent communication logs, test scores, examples of student work, conference forms, etc. It will save your booty! Remember my dear sweet teacher friends, CYB! Cover your booty!

4) Do not attempt to go have your butt kicked at the gym by your trainer and then expect to be able to move around with your primary kiddos two days later! Haha when this occurs have class stretch time, especially when you need to reach the top bottom on the SmartBoard and can barely lift up your arms!

5) Keep YOURSELF first! I had a tough time with this the first year and am really trying to remember it this year. I love love love teaching it is the most rewarding job in the entire world. But also the most demanding and it will keep you tired! If you are sick my sweet teacher friends, TAKE A DAY! I know getting a sub in can be tough and you have to PLAN for making sub plans but if you need the day you need to take it because if you don't you are going to end up out of school sick for  a week!

6) Ask for help when you need it! Do not be afraid to ask more veteran teachers for ideas, books, help with plans, etc. 

Those are my tidbits of advice for now. I am still working on number 5 myself but I have promised myself that I would do better at following my own advice. Hehe! I hope that you all are enjoying heading back to school! 

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