Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You know you're a teacher when....

Abby over at The Inspired Apple is having a cool Linky party about my blog topic for today!
I love her blog!

Still so new to the blogging but I am obsessed with all the teacher blogs floating around so I wanted to join in!

You Know You Are A Teacher When:

  • You find random supplies in your pockets....Sticky notes, glue sticks, pens, pencils, erasers, scissors(in my purse one day!), and incentive tickets!
  • The "look" makes every student/child FREEZE!
  • You have a crazy obsession with tubs/bins....My latest obsession is with The Container Store!
  • You are out to eat with another teacher friend....And you sit there searching through Lakeshore magazines discussing what to use the end of the year money to purchase!
  • Every conversation you have ends up back at something involving teaching, whether it be student or something teacher related!
  • There is NOTHING better than seeing a student have that "lightbulb" moment!
  • When you have come to realize that only another teacher would understand everything on your mind!
  • More than one article of clothing you own has dry erase marker on it!
  • You have a container/drawer full of all the lovely trickets that your students bring to school and LOVE to play with when you are trying to teach!
  • You realize at 3:00 that you have had to pee for the last 5 hours!
  • You can not help but to give "the look" to kids running/screaming through public places (i.e. restaurants, Walmart, Target, etc!)
  • You know when a full moon is coming by the behavior of you entire classroom!
  • You looooooove new pencils that HAVE erasers on the ends! :o)
  • You used to love grading papers as a child (helping my mom grade papers was the best!) but now you are not a big fan!
  • When you can not dream of ever having a different career....(I really sat down to think about this one night and I could not come up with ANYTHING BUT teaching!)
  • You have a certain tone of voice when discussing "my friend" to fellow teachers....Everyone knows who "your friend" is! :o( (Should I be admitting this?)
  • Your heart truly breaks when something is going on in one of your students' lives
  • You enjoy reading a good children's book just as much as any child!
  • Rain=Indoor recess! (Sad sad day when stuck inside with no fresh air!)
  • The Dollar Store and Target dollar spot = NOTHING GREATER!
  • When you come home each night and sit right down at the computer to log into Blogger and check all the other teacher blogs for all the AMAZING stuff they post! (I promise one day to think everyone's I borrow from to mine.....Just know that you ALL are amazing!)
  • You constantly think of new ways to organize but somehow you never actually get to that....
  • Spring Fever hits you just as bad as it hits the students! :o)
  • You will struggle to find the perfect name for your personal children....
  • My students are my kids....If people did not know my profession and I was having a conversation they would think that I had 22 personal children! I love each and every one of my students, even when they drive me UP the wall!
Last but not least the top two things that make me who I am:
  • My students KNOW my personal "catch phrases" (One of them told me, just the other day, that I needed to get some new ones because they heard them so much :-/ OUCH!) and can repeat them back to you and heck, sometimes even finish them before I can get it out! 
    • Side note: O-M-Gosh, It is the end of the world! (When a student tells me that their pencil broke, or they dropped something.....Seriously it will be okay!)
    • Seriously?!? Seriously?! 
    • Well....I could just cut it off and then it wouldn't hurt anymore! (I know, seems a bit much, but it always makes the kid with the boo-boo smile!) This is used when they come to me with MINOR injuries!
    • And my personal favorite which I say to my students each and EVERY day....."Love you, mean it!" Some of them never hear the words I love you and I want them to know that even when they are driving me up the wall I doooooo still love them!
  • The one special friend of yours who has had such trouble in writing brings you a Tall Tale full of such voice and descriptive language that you tear up when he is reading it to another teacher......and she tells him how AWESOME it really is! This just happened to me....This is the same friend who drives me bonkers every day but when this happened it just made me realize how much I loooove my students! It is that special connection that can be made with each and every one of them if you just try! Even on my bad days I try my best to make them all smile at least once, whether it is allowing them to sit on the top of their desks during phonics, or just reading something in that "redneck" tone to get them to PAY ATTENTION....This is what matters to them! Show them you care and that you love them everything else will fall into place! (PS One on one time, whether it be just chatting with that student during lunch, really is KEY! Even the ones who drive you nuts just want to tell you about their new video game and when you let them...You have reached a whole new level! They just LOOOVE you!)

Now time for end of the year testing to begin.....Praying for some gooooood GREAT scores from my students the next two Fridays when we are testing! I just know they have it in them!

Spring Break Countdown----12 more school days!

Monday, March 14, 2011



The amazing ladies at What the Teacher Wants are doing the GREATEST giveaway yet!!
$100.00 to The Container Store! I looooove looooove looooove this store and could easily spend thousands of dollars!!!

I sure do hope I win! If you want a chance just jump over to their blog at Or don't because I want to win!

Haha, hope you all are having a great week! I really hope to dive a little deeper into this creating my own blog thing VERY soon! I am an avid blog stalker to all my other favorite teacher blogs!