Monday, May 16, 2011

New things in life && teaching!

Soo....Along with being a first year teacher I am now trying to start running!

I am registering to run my very first 5k at the end of July! To some a 5k seems to little but to someone who has NEVER been a running I will be glad to just finish!

I am doing the couch to 5k program and it is amazing! The thing that really helps is that the program is not overwhelming. When it comes to working out I tend to become unmotivated but this program is awesome! I am on week 3 of the 9 week program and continuing on!

Only issue....serious shin splints and some knee pain! I bought some awesome new aasic running shoes before starting and I did not spare money on them that is for sure! But now I am thinking I need to go find some good inserts! A runner friend of mine said that I need to go to a running speciality store and let them watch me run and see how my feet hit and help me decide on some inserts! I am planning on doing this very soon so that I am well prepared for my first 5k! I have high hopes for this running thing because it is such an awesome stress relief! And now coming on the end of my first year teaching and the stresses of the end of the year I am loving the running thing!

I have three weddings to attend this summer and one of which I am a bridesmaid! I would love to be a little thinner and in shape by the time these weddings roll around...The first one is in mid July so I have high hopes!

Now in my classroom we are wrapping up our Science Kit on butterflies! My kids have LOOOVED it, we did the first butterfly release today and I think we will have about 4 more to release tomorrow as they were emerging today! :o)

Nooooowwwww....... I am searching for some end of the year wrap up ideas...Memory books, end of year party ideas, gifts for the kids to send them off to third grade, etc! If you have any ideas PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment!

And if you have any beginner runner tips feel free to leave those too! <3